The Massacre



  1. Intro
  2. In My Hood
  3. This Is 50
  4. I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
  5. Piggy Bank
  6. GATman And Robbin (feat. Eminem)
  7. Candy Shop (feat. Olivia)
  8. Outta Contol
  9. Get In My Car
  10. Ski Mask Way
  11. A Baltimore Love Thing
  12. Ryder Music
  13. Disco Inferno
  14. Just A Lil Bit
  15. Gunz Come Out
  16. My Toy Soldier (feat. Tony Yayo)
  17. Position Of Power
  18. Build You Up (feat. Tony Foxx)
  19. God Gave Me Style
  20. So Amazing (feat. Olivia)
  21. I Don't Need Em
  22. Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix) (feat. The Game, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks) (Bonus)

The New Breed (DVD) Edit

  • This is a DVD packaged In usual CD style Jewel Case, It comes with a Bonus CD
220px-The New Breed

50 Cent - The New Breed (dvd/cd)


  1. 50 Cent: The New Breed (Documentary)
  2. Tony Yayo: The Interview (Interview)
  3. Heat (Music Video)
  4. Wanksta (Behind The Scenes)
  5. Wanksta (Music Video)
  6. In Da Club (Behind The Scenes)
  7. In Da Club (Music Video)
  8. Heat: (The Street Version) (Music Video)
  9. Not Like Me (Live In Detroit)
  10. Wanksta (Live In Detroit)
  11. Patiently Waiting (Live In Detroit)
  12. Love Me (Live In Detroit)
  13. Rap Game (Live In Detroit)
  14. In Da Club (Live In Detroit)
  15. The Detroit Show (Behind The Scenes)
  16. Wanksta (AOL Session)
  17. In Da Club (AOL Session)
  18. Round Hate (AOL Session)
  19. 8 Mile (Trailer)


  1. True Identity
  2. 8 Mile Road (G-Unit Remix)
  3. In Da Hood

In Da Club (Single) Edit

  1. In Da Club
  2. Wanksta
  3. In Da Club (Instrumental)
  4. In Da Club (Video)
  5. Wanksta (Video)