Behind Crimson Eyes


  1. Addicted
  2. Fighting For Our Lives
  3. Armageddonouttahere
  4. Death From Above
  5. My Love
  6. Coming Home
  7. I Never Wanted This
  8. This Is Who We Are
  9. Stay With Me
  10. Miss Heartbreaker

Shakedown (Promo)

This may be rare, if so, I'ma keeping it.  If not then it's up for grabs

  1. Shakedown

A Revelation For Despair



  1. Sex, Lies And Homicide
  2. Children Of The Broken Hearted
  3. Shakedown
  4. You've Had Your Chance
  5. White China Doll
  6. My Crime Against Humanity
  7. A Love Lost Can Be Beautiful
  8. I Caused Global warming
  9. Your Skin Looks Good To Me
  10. Dial H For Whore
  11. The Bonesmen
  12. The Underworld
  13. Candy Cane And Pain