King Hokum
C W -Stoneking---King-Hokum-Front-Cover-4618


  1. Way Out In The World
  2. Don't Go Dancing Down The Darktown Strutter's Ball
  3. Dodu Bluez
  4. On A Christmas Day
  5. Charley Bostocks Blues
  6. Goin The Country
  7. Bad Luck Everywhere You Go
  8. Rich Man's Blues
  9. You Took My Thing And Put It In Your Place
  10. Handyman Blues
Jungle Blues


  1. Jungle Blues
  2. Talkin Lion Blues
  3. Jungle Lullabye
  4. Brave Son Of America
  5. Jailhouse Blues
  6. Housebound Blues
  7. I Heard The Marchin Of The Drum
  8. The Love Me Or Die
  9. Early In The Mornin
  10. The Greatest Liar

Gon' Boogaloo


  1. How Long
  2. The Zombie
  3. Get On The Floor
  4. The Thing I Done
  5. Tomorrow Gon' Be Too Late
  1. Mama Got The Blues
  2. Goin' Back South
  3. The Jungle Swing
  4. Good Luck Charm
  5. I'm The Jungle Man
  6. On A Desert isle
  7. We Gon' Boogaloo